Tulip Poem

Tulip Poem Article

They Remind Me of You


Written for Ann’s 40 Birthday by Jenette Nelson, Annie’s Mom

May 15, 2011


As I looked outside our window

I behold these tulips as they grow

they were fresh and brave and lovely ~~

they reminded me of you.


They are not delicate pastel~~

nor are they lily white.

They are brilliant red and yellow ~~

exuberant and bright.


Tulips are among the first

To call for a season that is new ~~

The manner of your death

called for thought renewal too.


Tulips are brave – I’ve seen them

poke their heads up through snow.

I’ve seen you show that kind of courage

as you sought new ways to grow.


They are undaunted

by the turbulence of spring.

Like you – they bring joy and hope

as they join the birds that sing.


They live among the weeds and

common grass grows ever by their side,

but they shine forth in all their beauty

smiling like a glorious bride.


When the leaves of autumn fall

I will lift the tulips from this place

and move them to a better one

where the sun and gentle rain

will always kiss their face.


They will bring to each who see

the gift of God’s great love.

They will remind us

that he still rules

from his home above.


He has lifted you to live with him

where the does ever shine.

For us he sends the birds – the tulips

as a comfort and a sign.


Soon we too will leave this place to

live with you on high ~~

Until then we will always love you.

We will never let your spirit die.