A Birthday Poem

A Birthday Poem

by Jenette Nelson

Forty-one years ago today- Ann Nicole Nelson came to live upon this earth.
Her family and friends still remember and celebrate her birth.


She brought love and joy to all who knew her and honor to our name.
She believed we should do no harm to others - treat everyone the same.


She loved a challenge - she turned struggles into fun
Life was a great adventure - best shared with everyone


Today her heart is glad - her spirit laughs with glee
As she thinks about her house where we will come to ski


She loved the winter and the snow-
The wind rushing through her hair-
The racing down the slopes to
Meet friends and family
Waiting for her there.


So today we begin a new adventure
As we celebrate her birth
May her name and love of others

Live long upon this earth.

Life's Plan

She can fly and she can flutter-
She can be with us here at will.
She has conquered life and death.

No more can terror kill.

Her passing will be noted
By all the Sons of Man,
For it was written in the beginning
When she and God did write her plan.

To every life there is a purpose-
For every life there is a plan
That is made with God, the Father,
To refine the souls of Man. cont.