Memorial-Stewsie Island

Carleton College staff members remember Ann Nicole Nelson.

“As you know, we received donations in memory of Ann from her colleagues and friends. They wanted to use these funds for a memorial bench on Stewsie Island. The Grounds Department will install the bench bearing Ann’s name as weather permits. Stewsie Island is name after Dresden Blake “Stewsie” Steward, Carleton’s Superintendent of Grounds from 1920-1976. There is a labyrinth on that location as well. It is a contemplative spot, a fitting location for Ann’s memorial bench.”

A labyrinth is a single winding path that leads to the center and out again. Found in many cultures and traditions, including Celtic, Native American, Mayan, Egyptian and European, the labyrinth is a centuries old tool for meditation and reflection.

Walking the labyrinth is a symbolic journey, a metaphor for the paths we walk each day, and for the direction we give our lives. There is no right way or wrong way to walk a labyrinth. Many people walk in silence, in a slow meditative way; decide what feels right for you.

As you enter: relax, let go, and release tension. Walk mindfully.

The center of the labyrinth is a place to pause, to find peace of mind or reflect on new insights.

Returning from the center can be at time for internalizing insights and of preparing to re-enter the world.

When there are others in the labyrinth with you, be aware of them as part of your journey. You may pass others at the turns, or by briefly stepping off the path.

Open yourself to the full experience of the walk: physical, mental, and spiritual.

“You know best how much impact Ann Nicole Nelson ’93 had on others, but we at Carleton College are also proud of her life and connection with this school. I am pleased to tell you, therefore, that we have designated a book from the College’s library collection to be a lasting memorial to her life and link to Carleton.”

“A special memorial bookplate bearing Ann’s name has been placed in Edward Sanders’ America- A History in Verse (Black Sparrow Press: 2000)).”

“You may know that the Carleton seat shows five open books with a quotation from Psalm 1 19: ‘The opening of Thy word illuminates…’ This memorial in honor of Ann thus testifies to the value of her life and reflects the College’s mission.”

“Ann’s name will be among those noted on Remembrance Sunday during reunion weekend in June, reminding us of her lifetime contributions. Please accept our condolences and sympathy.”

A Mother's Only Daughter

That’s why I seek my Annie

I can’t let her go away.

I must seek until I find her-

I must see her every day.

She is my only daughter-

She is my joy and pride.

I must find a way to keep her

ever by my side.

I must speak a brand new language

I must find a way to see.

I must travel to where my Annie is

if she can’t find her way to me.cont.