Help Me Dearest Angels

Help Me, Dearest Angels

Written on
December 6, 2001
5:37 a.m.
Jenette Nelson
Mother of Ann Nicole Nelson

Help me Dearest Angels
As I meet this day,
Help me find my Annie
Who has gone away.

I miss her and I need her
My eyes are filled with tears
I cant’t even remember life
before our “Annie years.”

I miss her cheery voice,
her bright and sunny smile
Please dear angels
give her back to me awhile.
Let me hear her say,
“Mom,feel my soft brown hair”
After she had just shampooed
and is standing by me there.

Don’t let her memory fade
keep her close at hand
Show me how to face each day
Show me how to stand.

Must I forget my child
in order to go on?
Show me how to live
and yet to keep our bond.

Show me how to see
her lovely face so dear
Right now I cannot see
My eyes are blind with tears.

Help me Angels dear
Help me keep her near
Help me hear her voice once more
Help me feel her cheer.

Don’t let the ashes claim her
Don’t let this be the end.
Help me dearest Angels
Find my little friend.

Tell her I remember
each funny little deed.
Each hug, each kiss, each promise
more time with her I need.

I simply was not ready-
to see that tower fall.
I simply was not ready-
I still listen for her call.

How can I go on
without her by my side?
How can I go on
without my little guide?

Help me dearest Angels
Help ease my broken heart.
Help me find a way to live
this time we are apart.

Help me see the other side
Where she lives today
Help me know that she is safe
Take this pain away.

For I am truly useless
to those on either side
until I find my Annie
until I find my guide.

You know I never travelled
Unless I knew Annie would be there.
For all the things that others liked
I never seemed to care.

But Annie seemed to think
that I should see the world.
So I endured the hassle,
It seemed to please my girl.

Everything seemed exciting
when seen through Annie’s eyes
All of life’s small wonders
seemed to sparkle and surprise.

Where now will be the wonder?
Where now will be the joy?
Don’t let this reign of terror
my sanity destroy.

Help me find a way to live-
to laugh- to cry -to love.
Help me carry on-
Guide me from above.

Help me be a blessing-
Help me clearly see-
I can be to others,
what Annie was to me.

She was my little teacher,
my little friend and guide,
Help me dearest Angels,
keep her by my side.

Help me see beyond the veil
to where she lives today.
Help me hear her as she speaks
in a brand new way.

Even though it’s hard for me
Help me stretch and grow.
Help me travel once again
To where Annie is-I know.

Life's Plan

She can fly and she can flutter-
She can be with us here at will.
She has conquered life and death.

No more can terror kill.

Her passing will be noted
By all the Sons of Man,
For it was written in the beginning
When she and God did write her plan.

To every life there is a purpose-
For every life there is a plan
That is made with God, the Father,
To refine the souls of Man. cont.