By Jenette Nelson

Annie’s Mom

December 15,2001

Softly drifts the snow, on the evergreens
Softly bleeds my heart as it pines and keens
Softly falls the tears down my aging cheek
Softly close my eyes as your face I seek

As I try to see you with your sparkly eyes
As I fail to see you, my heart ,it slowly dies
As I fail to see you, my heart in protest cries
As I fail to see you, I wonder where the justice lies.

I am old and you were young,
your life was sweet and new
Why didn’t God take me?
Why didn’t God leave you?

Perhaps you had learned the lessons
that this life would teach
Perhaps I have not learned
Perhaps I’m hard to reach.

Perhaps there is still work
for me to do today
but how can I do my work as I pine away?
How can I face each day when I can barely sleep?
How can I do my work - my vigil I must keep.

As I look to see you coming through our door
As I listen to hear your voice calling me once more
As I see your smile and and feel your sweet embrace
As I see your sparkly eyes and touch your dear sweet face.

All I can see as I watch, is the evergreens
and the snow, as it drifts, on our window scenes
all I can feel Is my heart as it softly breaks
all I can hear is the wind, as the leaves it shakes.

For this world- it is cold without your warmth and cheer
for this world it is bleak- without you by me here.
I have the snow, the wind, the tears
I have the bleeding heart,
I have the work to do today
but not the will to start.

I am old and tired , my life has run its course
I see no joy in living, I have no driving force.
I only want to join you on the other side
Yet I know there are those who need me
and would miss me if I died.

But you have gone and left me
I know you could not stay.
How can I help those left behind
When you have gone away?

Softly drifts the snow on the ever greens
Softly bleeds my heart as it pines and keens
Softly run the tears down my aging cheek.
Softly close my eyes, as your face I seek

Life's Plan

She can fly and she can flutter-
She can be with us here at will.
She has conquered life and death.

No more can terror kill.

Her passing will be noted
By all the Sons of Man,
For it was written in the beginning
When she and God did write her plan.

To every life there is a purpose-
For every life there is a plan
That is made with God, the Father,
To refine the souls of Man. cont.