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Posted by Anne Moum  September 2010:


Thoughts of you, Ann, are found in my head during this time of the year. I saw your wonderful parents out for supper the other night and they both are such giving people with their warm greetings. It makes me remember the many family thanksgiving holidays shared together with your family. Many changes have gone on in our lives that make us stronger. Everything that we go through should make us a better person. Thank you for sharing a portion of your life with me.

- Anne M. Moum, North Dakota Kindergarten Association, President

Posted by Linda Knox  September 2010:


Our thoughts and prayers are with you all today as you remember your loving daughter. May all your wonderful memories help you through this day.

Jeff Knox & Family
Ray ND


Posted by Kelly Mogan September 2010:

Old Friends

I often think about what Ann and I would be visiting about now, who would be later getting there, and what her life would be like. I have to content myself with my memories - I still hear her laughter:)


Posted by Jenette Nelson  September 2010:

9th Anniversary of 9/11

Dearest Annie,

Today marks the 9th anniversary of that terrible day when the evil forces of hate and violence took you from this world.
For us that was the day when smiles and laughter turned to despair and tears and yet somehow we had to live on.

Since I believe we have come to this life to learn from the experiences that we face, I ask myself what have I learned from this.
I have learned that God, and only God, must reap vengeance.
I have learned that human beings must pursue ways of love and forgiveness.
I have learned that the systems of operation that govern our world today are inadequate and that we all must strive to do better.
I have learned that we must not dwell on our losses, but we must rather maximize our opportunities, for life is short.
I have learned that though the spirit leaves the physical body, it lives on and comforts and sustains those that it loves.
I have learned that nothing can separate you from me, my dearest love.


Posted by Lorie (Piepkorn) Bouget September 2010:

Remembering Ann

My thoughts and prayers are with your family today. Ann is not forgotten.

~Lorie (Piepkorn) Bouget


Posted by Megan Petersen September 2010:


Mr. and Mrs. Nelson, and Ann:

Thank you for Wayland. It's been the greatest experience of my life, and in many ways I have all of you to thank for it. I think of Ann a lot, and I really wish I could thank her too.

Much love,



Posted by Anonymous September 2010:

For Ann's Parents

Remembering your loss once again at this time of memorial. We will never forget the great loss of so many on that day. Sending prayers of comfort.


Posted by LeAnn May 2010:

Birthday Wishes for Annie

On what would be your 39th birthday, I am thinking of you and all the good memories. You are with us in spirit.

Love, Aunt LeAnn

Our Past, Present and Future

A time when the blinders
Will fall helpless from our eyes
Once more we’ll see the spirits of our past
Once more their presence will be fully realized.cont.