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Posted by Jamie September 2008:


You remain in my thoughts… always.


Posted by
Marcia September 2008:

Remembering Ann

Dear Jenette & Gary,

You both were in our hearts & prayers yesterday on 9/11. Ann was a dear & precious girl & we miss her, too. Take care of yourselves.

We look forward to seeing you both the end of September. We will be arriving in Bismarck on September 25th and we fly home on September 30.

See you soon.
Love, Marcia & John


Posted by
Angie September 2008:


Annie, thank you for letting us share your list of goals, your life story, your big hair pictures from the 80's and mostly, your overall brilliant inspiration for living a true life. I think of you often, your song and dance always motivate me, especially when working 'the list.' I have a few stubborn lines I have yet to conquer, one I may never cross off is good ol' number 12 - stop cutting my own hair. Already quite a few are peacefully resting under a big bold line of sparkly pink ink. Adding more every few months. You are greatly loved! Thank you for sharing with us.

Loves & Hugs, Angie


Posted by Anne September 2008:


Thinking of you today Ann! Every time I step on the tennis court I remember your patience to teach me your game. (One of your many games that you would state "I'm not that good at this" HAAA your so modest in your ways. I cherish those memories of our families together for thanksgiving holidays. Anne and Ann together again.

You always enjoyed the "GAME of Life" and embraced it all. Someday I will take you on again in one of your games!


Posted by Vivian September 2008:


I teach about 9/11 in all my Gifted Education Classes in Bismarck. I use all the papers and information that my mom and I saved in 2001. I have taught for 30 years and have never had students be so effected as by this time in history.

I continue to be ever so sorry for you.



Posted by A Bostonian September 2008:

Truly Moved in Boston

Greetings Nelson Family,

On this difficult day, I have nothing to offer, but my sympathy. Please know that I sent the story of Ann's list to all of my contacts again this year. The story has the ability to help us remember, to truly inspire, to take a step out of our busy days, and to realize the things that are really important. Her list and dreams are not unlike those of myself, my wife and the people I know. By learning from Ann's story, we are ever inspired to go out and finish our lists, to live our dreams. In that, her spirit will go on.

Although we never met, our thoughts are with you in Boston.

Warm Regards,

a Bostonian

- Never forget.


Posted by Jenette September 2008:

Seven Years

Dear friends,

If you are reading this, I know that you are a friend indeed. You still remember even though seven long years have passed since 9/11. I am here at Lake Metigoshe spending the day with my memories of Ann. This is a place she loved with all her heart and where she often came to rest, reflect and/or have fun . Gary made his annual journey to New York - another place that Ann loved with all her heart. He had a number of travel problems because of weather, but has made it safely so far.

I began the day by going through one of Ann's albums. (She has many.) The first thing that fell onto my lap was a large colored copy of the last photo we had taken together. We were at an outdoor wedding sitting on a bench, which was surrounded by beautiful flowers. How we laughed that day! I had on new shoes that hurt my feet. Ann found that hilarious for some reason. She had a way of turning everything into fun. The next pictures were of her baby years and proceeded onto her birthdays, ski trips, sports activities, her many pets, friends, family etc. - and through it all she was smiling and laughing. What beautiful memories she leaves of a life well lived! I wonder about the men who flew those planes that fateful day. Were their growing - up years not full of love and laughter? What filled them with such hate? What are their mothers doing today? I think the answers are important to know if we are to prevent another 9/11. The time that the media calls the "day that changed America."

I am trying to carry out the items on Ann's list. Right now I am working on the first one. "Be healthy/healthful". I find it interesting that she distinguished between healthy and healthful. Both Gary and I have had health problems since 9/11. You don't always have a choice about being healthy, but you do have a choice as to whether or not you will live in a healthful way. So I am doing regular exercise and watching what I eat, and I have lost a little weight and feel a little better.. Such a wise daughter! I feel her presence about me often and hear her thoughts and words inside my head at the most opportune times. If love could have saved her, she would have lived forever. I believe that she does.

Annie's Mom


Posted by Eric September 2008:

Miss You


It’s been seven long, short, painful, joyful years. You are always with us and we know that. I miss Newman, tell him hello!

Life is good, but you are missed in all of our lives!

I spoke with your Dad today as he wandered through NYC without both of us, which is scary, but as he always does, he got where he was going.

I miss you – I’ll be celebrating your life tomorrow.

Eric Lockovitch


Posted by Anonymous September 2008:

Ann's List

Ever since reading Ann's List in 2006, I have periodically browsed her memorial website. We join with you, her family, in remembering and honoring the life of Ann, cut short way too soon. We know your loss is great and the hurt never goes away, but our thoughts and prayers are with you all.



Posted by Jamie May 2008:

Happy (belated) Birthday

Sorry for the tardiness. Happy Birthday Ann. You’re always in mind.


Posted by Paul May 2008:

Poem for Ann

Happy Birthday to my friend
All my love I do send.

May your days be filled with laughter
As you dwell in the Home of Our Master.

When you blow out the candles on your cake
Please remember you are missed, for Heaven’s sake.

In my mind People come and go.
You’ll be there forever so.

- Paul Murphy

Posted by Roger January 2008:


I don't know why I thought of Ann Nelson today, or what periodically leads me back to her website every so often, except that she was a Carl like my wife and I. The poems, the pictures, the stories all convey what a beautiful, crazy, passionate soul she must have been. Please tell her family one more time that their daughter is not forgotten.

Roger Branigin

Our Past, Present and Future

A time when the blinders
Will fall helpless from our eyes
Once more we’ll see the spirits of our past
Once more their presence will be fully realized.cont.